December 09 2021 – Michael Moore

The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary, published in 1989, contains 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words. To this may be added around 9,500 derivative words included as subentries. A lot of words indeed But many of these words change over the years with the changes in society.

Words are adopted to have different meanings to their original. Gay, for instance, used to mean a happy person. Now it simply means a sexual orientation. Most word changes are fairly innocuous but there are some changes that are created with malice-a-forethought. Conspiracy theorist, for example is a term thought up several years ago by the CIA to discredit anyone that does not support the ‘official’ narrative.

Some words are created in a 1984 style to narrow and limit thinking to a specific channel when it comes to political views or content. Labelling some speech as ‘hate’ crime has opened the door to ‘thought crime.’ A term you find in Orwell’s book 1984. This is where someone thinks thoughts that are not permitted. i.e. any thoughts that goes against the policies of the government of the day.

A typical example is COVID-19. Questioning the official narrative is now a thought crime. Of course it is not called that. Currently anyone that questions it is called crazy or even dangerous. Guilt mechanisms are called upon to say that that individual is dangerous to society for questioning how bad COVID is

In the book 1984 it was the State that decided what everyone should think. In 2020, it is the social Media Platforms and the media that decide what people should think.

“Everyone on the planet will now get vaccinated with a vaccine we say has a 90 percent success rate for a virus that 98 percent of the population survive. Anyone that disagrees will be restricted in their movements and activities.”

Social media companies have launched new campaigns to censor COVID-19 material opposing ‘consensus’ medical viewpoints on the topic. Even when issued by medical practitioners and medical specialists.

“Even before the coronavirus arrived to turn life upside down, social media platforms were under growing pressure to curb the spread of ‘misinformation’. Today, with COVID-19 reaching unprecedented heights, the event has triggered what is now described as an ‘infodemic’” according to Tottnews. It goes on.

Digital platforms are now taking more steps to tackle anti-establishment COVID-19 content on their services. In a joint statement, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube have pledged to work together to stop the spread of opposing viewpoints.

To this end they all use a platform called Task to share anti-establishment content so they can all censor it.

i.e. you think what we tell you to think.

However, ‘Facebook allows national ministries of health and ‘reliable organisations’ to advertise ‘information’ on COVID-19 free of charge. Twitter, which prohibits political advertising, is allowing links to the Australian Department of Health and World Health

Organization websites.

We have seen YouTube announce restrictions on all conspiracy theory videos linking to alternative coronavirus material, and Twitter has announced a suite of changes to its rules, including updates to how it defines harm. This is to address content that goes against public health information.

In more recent developments, Facebook is now taking down some event pages promoting anti-stay-at-home protests that are taking place across the USA.

Facebook faced criticism for allowing people to coordinate anti-quarantine protests, with public health officials, state officials and health care workers saying the protests are ‘putting people’s lives at risk’. By bringing people together in large crowds, they ‘increase the chances of spread’.”

Anyone who is anti-establishment is now portrayed as a terrorist. Hate speech is the new popular term for anyone that disagrees with the official narrative. Anyone who disagrees with authority is an enemy of the people. Does that not sound familiar? How communistic does that sound? Where is the free speech in that?

Today, social media platforms have vast armies of human and algorithmic moderators constantly surveying their users and flagging those that violate ‘dangerous content’ guidelines. They have also admitted assisting in the mass surveillance using systems such as Task and the like. To flag and share between them ‘dissidents’ against the official narrative.”

In the book 1984, Orwell writes about a repressive state called Oceania, in which citizens are punished for a variety of crimes, including those you do, and even those that you only think about.

This is called “thoughtcrime” — the crime of simply thinking something that is not allowed by Big Brother. This control structure is in constant use, monitoring citizens and their actions.

‘Much like the novel, during the COVID-19 saga, free expression and open debate is being replaced by a technocratic system of censorship, where anyone who disagrees or thinks independently is guilty of a thoughtcrime and punished by being silenced.’ Tott News.

Orwell’s book has come true. In the book, Orwell saw surveillance and control as the domain of the state, but here we have private companies working in agreement with the state and mining the details of our lives.

So the controls in place using COVID-19 as an excuse, perfectly illustrate Orwell’s observation, based on his knowledge and experience of communism and fascism, that “if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought”.

For example, “We are all in this together,” “Stay Home,” “Keep your distance from others.” “Cover your face.” The language is designed to modify and set the induced ‘accepted’ viewpoint that always must align with the needs of the Party. Once enforced, any dissent is crushed and suppressed.

The stage is being set to ensure the population accept without question the narrative. Tyranny is expressed as that which the government can do but the population cannot do. This is now emerging. And being enforced by police forces around the world who are no longer keepers of the piece but enforcers of the control.

An example of how people, if suppressed long enough and hard enough will accept that suppression as the ‘new normal.’ In Melbourne after the severest lockdown in history and the mandatory wearing of masks, the mandatory part of mask wearing was relaxed. Masks are no longer mandatory. But as the population has been pushed into the habit of wearing masks under pain of being fined for three months, it is now part of the culture and when you go outside you see that most people continue to wear masks, despite there no longer being any virus in the city or state for over 50 days.

And now snitching or dobbing in has been added to the model. Yes, you are now ‘encouraged’ to do the Stasi thing and whenever you see someone within less than two meters of someone else, it is your duty as a loyal citizen of the Brave New World Order to actively report them to the authorities so that they can be dealt with by Big Brother.

Welcome to 1984.

Part two will follow soon.


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